This contest offers one easy choice – in Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Richard B. Klein. He’s a stand-out, the only candidate to receive the bar’s “highly recommended” rating. Judge Klein joined the Court of Common Pleas in 1971, a Harvard Law honors grad and the youngest county judge in state history. He’s done it all since then, handling major criminal and civil cases, lecturing at Temple University’s law school, heading up long-term planning for the courts, and even playing drums in prison gigs with the “Fifth Amendment” jazz group. The state bar said he “combines superior legal skills with a passion for the law and a solid judicial temperament.” It doesn’t get much better than that. Read Full Article

ERIE TIMES Oct 14, 2001

Judge Richard B. Klein, by any definition a legal star in the commonwealth’s courts, receives the endorsement of the Erie Times-News for one of three open Superior Court seats. As for Klein, the PBA rated the 27-year Court of Common Pleas judge “highly recommended.” In addition to his trial duties, Klein is leading an effort to restructure the court system as a member of the Futures Commission. Read Full Article

HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS, Wednesday, October 24, 2001

One individual clearly stands out, both in terms of his legal expertise and his dedication to making the judicial system the best it can be. That person is Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Richard B. Klein. If Superior Court judges were selected on the basis of merit, then Klein, an innovator, reformer and legal instructor throughout a distinguished career, would already be sitting on that court. This is Pennsylvania’s second opportunity to enhance an already well-regarded court by electing Klein, a Republican, who lost a bid to join this same court two years ago. He comes “highly recommended” by the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Judicial Evaluation Commission, as he was in 1999, for “his outstanding legal intellect, his dedication to the improvement of the justice system and the development of the judiciary and his active work in improving the skills of lawyers.” We urge Pennsylvanians not to make the same mistake twice. They should elect Klein to Superior Court this time. Read Full Article


Three Superior Court judges will be chosen on Nov. 6 from a field of six candidates. We recommend the following: Richard B. Klein (Republican). Judge Klein, who was 32 when he was named to the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court, still sits on that bench but has not stood still in developing his expertise in legal and administrative matters. He has been rated “highly recommended” by the Pennsylvania Bar Association, which noted that “in addition to his responsibilities as a trial judge, the candidate has long been actively involved in efforts to improve the quality of justice.”  Read Full Article


The Morning Call recommends Richard B. Klein, Mary Jane Bowes and David N. Wecht for Superior Court. Court of Common Pleas Judge Richard B. Klein of Philadelphia, a Republican, possesses superior legal skills and a judicial temperament to be admired. He also is passionate about improving the judicial system. He is leading efforts to restructure the courts as a member of the Pennsylvania Futures Commission for the 21st Century, and he helped to form a Plain English Committee to clarify “legalese” for the public. In addition, he is the co-author of a book, “Trial Communications Skills.” Judge Klein has spent 28 years hearing cases in Philadelphia, and over the past 15 years, he has taught a variety of courses at Temple University. His personality is suited to the collegial atmosphere of the court and, as a jurist who exhibits both humility and confidence in his abilities, we are sure he will make his mark. He is the only candidate for this court rated “highly recommended” by the Pennsylvania Bar Association. Read Full Article


There are three open seats on Pennsylvania Superior Court and six candidates in next Tuesday’s election, three Democrats and three Republicans.

Superior Court has a huge caseload and hears both civil and criminal appeals. There are 15 members, each elected for 10-year terms. Salaries are $129,458 a year. The court usually sits in three-judge panels and is the final word on many points of law.
Legal scholarship is critical. Superior Court’s best judges have a good working knowledge of criminal and civil law and have significant experience at county court level. They need to be organized, disciplined and congenial, since they often work together to make decisions.

Philadelphia common pleas Judge Richard B. Klein is more than qualified to serve on Superior Court. He was highly recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Judicial Evaluation Commission, the only candidate for this court to receive this recommendation. He has an outstanding legal intellect and has worked hard to improve the judicial system, by working to restructure the court system. He has a demonstrated administrative ability and a solid record as a trial judge.

PENNSYLVANIA GOP, February 10, 2001

The almost 300 member Pennsylvania Republican State Committee made it official – Judge Richard B. Klein was endorsed as a candidate for the Pennsylvania Superior Court.  Judge Klein, who narrowly missed election in 1999, was supported by each of the six regional associations of the party. His endorsement comes following his receipt of the top possible rating by the Pennsylvania Bar Association. Read Full Article


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