All That ‘Jazz’

Dick Klein started playing jazz drums in high school. In college and law school, his bands traveled the Atlantic as a “Ship’s Band” and played at various clubs in Amsterdam, Paris and Copenhagen. His band at Harvard Law School, the “Harvard Blue Notes,” twice won the Intercollegiate Jazz Competition. Recently, he has appeared with several different groups.

Grover playing lead Sax with the 5th Ammendment

For many years Klein has played at the Reading Terminal the second Friday of the month, with, appropriately enough, “The Reading Terminals.” This band includes former Councilman/Housing Director Ed Schwartz on keyboard, facial plastic surgeon Dave Reiter on guitar, attorney Kevin Call on bass and Dom Minni on sax.

“The Fifth Amendment,” comprised of some of the top jazz musicians in the area, not only has played various clubs but also has received governmental and foundation sponsorship to play in Pennsylvania prisons, jails and drug treatment facilities. The late Grover Washington, Jr. frequently joined the band as guest soloist.

He also plays benefits with “Moonlighting,” Dick also frequently participates with other non-professional musicians in the Tuesday night jam sessions at the 23rd Street Cafe at 23rd & Summer, right off the first exit of the Vine Street Expressway. Check out that web site at

To round things out, Dick also plays with “Mysticks,” a band featuring vibraphonist Tony


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